Do you ever start a workout program and abandon it after a week or two? Or do you start the year off by going to the gym and working out an hour and by February you have “fallen off track” and never return to the gym?

So many resolutions start out with good intentions and then we are not able to keep them because we don’t have time, hate the new habit, or life gets messy.

That is why with many of my clients we start SUPER small. We take things slow so we can navigate all the bumps, barriers, and hiccups in an approachable way.

Start small

Building habits is a journey of self-improvement that thrives on the principle of starting small. Like the foundation of a sturdy structure, beginning with manageable actions lays the groundwork for sustainable change. Small habits are the building blocks that, when consistently practiced, create a ripple effect, gradually transforming into more significant lifestyle shifts.

The beauty of starting small lies in its accessibility and reduced resistance. It allows individuals to integrate positive behaviors seamlessly into their daily routines, making the process more manageable and less overwhelming.

Start with 10-minutes!

We can easily carve out 10 minutes for strength training by prioritizing brief, focused workouts in our daily routine because when you tell yourself, “only 10-minutes” it seems doable!

I set a 10-minute timer on my Instagram, and almost every time it goes off, I find myself dismissing it to continue scrolling. Those ten minutes seem to fly by, and while I convince myself I need more scrolling time, deep down, I know I should probably put down my phone. Anyone else in the same boat? Haha!

The power of setting mini goals

Incorporating just 10 minutes of strength training into your morning routine can set a positive tone for the entire day.

By prioritizing this brief yet effective workout, you not only kickstart your metabolism but also enhance your overall well-being. This small investment of time allows you to efficiently build strength, boost energy levels, and create a sustainable habit that contributes to your long-term fitness goals.

Whether it’s quick bodyweight exercises or utilizing simple equipment, dedicating a few minutes each morning can make a significant impact on your physical health and mental focus throughout the day.

Keep the habit consistent and aim for doing 10-minutes of strength training 4 to 5 days per week, eh? What do you think? Are your ready to take on the challenge?

6 Easy moves for a full-body workout

Here are 6 moves that will strengthen each area of your body. Perform each exercise for 10 reps and repeat the six moves (1 round) three times. This is about 10 minutes.

  1. Band Squat: The first move is a simple squat. Hold the band in your hand right above your shoulders and act like you are sitting down in a chair, remember to keep your shoulders up when you bend down.
  2. Upright Rows: Hold the band underneath your feet at hip width apart, if you are shorter like me, crisscross the band and pull up the band to your shoulders.
  3. Hinge Kickbacks: The hinge exercise, targeting the posterior chain, involves standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Initiate the movement by shifting hips back and slightly bending knees, keeping the spine straight. Hinge at the hips to lower the torso until it’s parallel to the ground. Maintain a neutral spine throughout. Hold the hinge and extend the triceps back. Keep the arms close to the body.

4. Bicep Curls: Begin by stepping on the band with both feet, ensuring it’s securely underfoot. Grasp the ends of the band with your palms facing forward, arms fully extended. Keeping your elbows close to your sides, flex at the elbows to lift your hands towards your shoulders, contracting your biceps. Maintain control as you lower your hands back down. The band provides resistance throughout the movement, making it an excellent option for strengthening the biceps.

5. Band Walks: The band walk exercise is a dynamic movement that targets the muscles of the lower body and enhances hip stability. Begin by placing a resistance band underneath your feet and hold the band by your hips (or if you are short like me, near your shoulders). Assume a slight squat position with your feet hip-width apart. Take lateral steps to the side, maintaining tension in the band and ensuring your knees stay aligned with your toes. Band walks engage the hip abductors and external rotators, promoting strength and stability in the lower body.

6. Lateral Openers: (Targets the shoulders and upper body) Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, a resistance band secured in front of you at chest height. Hold the band with both hands, arms extended. While keeping your arms with slight bend at the elbow, open them laterally to the sides, stretching the band. Engage your shoulder blades as you pull the band apart. Return to the starting position with control.

Workout overview

I challenge you to add this 10-minute workout to your day a few times a week, preferably in the morning so it WILL get done. Start by doing each 10 reps of each exercise and repeat three times for a total of 30 repetitions per move.

Why do I need to add strength training?

Strength training becomes increasingly crucial as we age for various reasons. As we grow older, our muscle mass naturally tends to decline, leading to a decrease in strength and overall functional abilities. Engaging in regular strength training helps counteract this process by preserving and building muscle mass.

This, in turn, contributes to improved balance, stability, and joint health, reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Strength training also plays a vital role in maintaining metabolic health, as it helps combat age-related changes in metabolism and promotes healthy weight management.

Beyond the physical benefits, strength training has been shown to enhance cognitive function and contribute to a higher quality of life in older individuals. By incorporating strength training into our routine as we age, we can foster not only physical resilience but also a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.