Do you ever start a program such a new diet or workout routine and by week 2 you realize this is just not working out.   You don’t want to do it and it is not realistic to your lifestyle.

What a better way to keep healthy habits consistent is working with our guest, certified personal trainer and registered dietitian Lacey Lyons who provides personalized nutrition counseling and has her own workout app for you to get in a quick workout right at home. 

 I was reading what people are saying after her workouts and it made me want to join her app.  Reviews like, “Love having workouts that are less than 30-minutes for busy days!”  “Quick workout with great burn!” “25 minutes and arms and shoulders are on fire!” 

Meet our guest

Our guest, registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, Lacey Lyons, focuses on helping woman take the first to steps to building healthy habits. 

She provides a better understanding of overall health regarding hormones, antioxidant levels and how to start and step-up your workout routine with her at-home workout app.  

Lacey shares exciting news by teaming up with other healthcare professionals and expanding the practice to a virtual clinic to educate women in nutrition, fitness, mental health, occupational therapy.  

As a team of professionals, they will provide education, encouragement, and accountability for women, especially for those women in pre/post pregnancy. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The Authentic Health Virtual Clinic services
  2. Effective at-home workouts through app
  3. Mindset roadblocks that prevent you from your being consistent in your healthy habits
  4. Antioxidant and hormone testing

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