In our special podcast episode, we take a look back through the past year, reminiscing about insightful conversations with incredible guests who align with our mission.

From registered dietitians to certified personal trainers, our diverse lineup has passionately debunked dieting myths, provided evidence-based insights, and championed the cause of body neutrality.

Topics in this episode ranged from navigating perimenopause to embracing the anti-diet movement, breaking free from diet perfection, and learning to move your body with a focus on size inclusivity and non-diet training approaches.

We delved into marathon training nutrition and explored the invaluable reasons behind working with a dietitian.

Join us as we revisit these transformative discussions that have shaped a year dedicated to promoting holistic well-being and fostering a positive relationship with our bodies.

Connect with the guests!

  1. Leslie Weidner, RDN ⁠105. Learning About Perimenopause and Your Diet⁠ ⁠@perimenopause_nutritionist⁠
  2. Kate Peterson, RDN ⁠107. Stop Dieting Forever, Find Confidence, and Love Your Body ⁠ ⁠@katepetersonnutrition⁠

3. Kira Onysko Jones, CPT ⁠108. Fitness for EveryBODY; Building a positive relationship with moving your body ⁠ @⁠kiraonysko⁠

4. Adrien Paczosa, RDN ⁠109. Nourish! Personalized Nutrition Counseling to Fit Your Needs ⁠@⁠usenourish⁠

5. Lina Mowat, MS, RDN ⁠111. Running, Race Fueling, Diet Myths & More⁠ @⁠reallyawkwardrunner⁠⁠⁠