In this enlightening podcast episode, I’m joined by the incredible registered dietitian, Taylor Grasso, whose expertise lies in intuitive eating, women’s nutrition, and mastering blood sugar balance. 

Taylor shares her personal journey of overcoming orthorexia and transformed her relationship with food.

This episode delves into the definition of orthorexia and provides actionable steps for listeners to explore balance and foster a healthier approach to nutrition and lifestyle. 

If you’re ready to end the cycle of starting and stopping diets, and regain control over your relationship with food, this episode is a must-listen.  🌟🎧 #Orthorexia #IntuitiveEating #BreakFreeFromDieting

What you will learn in this episode:

1. Understanding Orthorexia: Taylor Grasso provides a clear definition of orthorexia, shedding light on its intricacies by sharing her personal experiences and emphasizing the importance of finding a balance in nutrition.

2. Learn to Make Lasting Habits:  Listeners gain insights into Taylor’s foundation in looking at the bigger picture and the importance is making small successful habits.

3. How to Build Practical Balanced Plates: Taylor shares many tips on social media to help you build a balanced plate that nourishes the body with what it needs. Debunking the myths of processed foods and more!

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