5 Lies Diet Culture Wants You to Believe

Have you ever thought I did not work out today I feel awful and fat?  Or I need to lose 15 pounds to fit into my swimsuit in the next month?  Or why am I going up in sizes each year, I need to get back to my sizes in my 20’s?  If only I looked like her or whatever your thoughts may be about being a certain weight or having this ideal body in mind that you think will make you happier.

These ideas are not something we are born with; they are influenced on us because we see it everywhere!  

In this episode, I talk with Meredith Renshaw, who is a lead dietitian at Freedom Method Nutrition Consulting group.  She champions women to help them redefine health, ditch the restrict-binge cycle, and embrace intuitive eating. She is a specialist in this area and helps define some of these diet culture-influenced thoughts.  You do not want to miss  what she has to say about the five lies diet culture wants you to believe and so much more.,

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