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5 Moves Mini Band Workout

If you are crunched on time, this is the perfect workout for you!  Get a full-body workout done in minutes with five moves, and don’t forget some moves include right and left sides. 

I love a good mini band workout because I look at the moves but when I am in the middle of the move, I say to myself, “Oh my goodness!”  And say that again the next day, haha! This workout is a sneaky burner for the body.

If you do not have mini bands here is a link on where to find them.  I have a couple different pairs of these exercises and recently I bought band with slides for a great deal. Kootek Resistance Bands and Core Sliders Fitness Kit, 4 Pack Double Sided Gliding Discs Exercise Band Bundle. 

Make note each move can be modified to your fitness level.  Here are some suggested modifications for each move. 

     1) Plank walks — hold plank on toes or knees

     2) Knee-ups with squat — perform move without resistance band

     3) Side plank — perform side plank without leg up and without resistance band, may be              done on the knee. 

     4) Leg rainbow extensions — perform move without resistance band

     5) Fire hydrants — perform move without resistance band