7 Strategies to Overcome Overeating

Welcome friends!  We hit a big milestone, episode #50!  Wow, thanks so much for all your support each week, I can’t wait to double that number. So on today’s episode we talk about overeating.

What is overeating? How do you describe the physical cues of overeating? Is overeating different on a normal day versus a holiday or celebration? How do you quiet those voices about what you think about overeating? 

Well, to many overeating relates to the physical fullness, like you might see after a holiday meal. Feeling extremely full, even changing into sweat pants, but the question for many is how to prevent overeating, or how to make up for it? Some people have the mindset they must skip meals during the day and save their calories for the big meal, or workout hard to burn off those calories. 

This episode is a recording of an IG Live I was able to do with my dietitian friend, Karina Tolentino, RD @allfoodsfit.nutritionist.  Karina has been on the show before back in February, Ep. 17. Fasting, Carbs, Detoxing, Oh My!  

Karina and I have come up with 7 Strategies to tackle those thoughts, feelings, and emotions that come with overeating (there is so much to think about!).  We talk about how people define overeating and shifting the mindset to a sustainable balanced eating approach.  Join us for this conversation!