58. 4 Things You Must Do Before You Start a Diet

58. 4 Things You Must Do Before You Start a New Diet

How do you connect wit New diets, new programs, new ways to lose weight are goals still on the mind with the new year.  We have been talking a lot about this topic here on the podcast. 

Some people have already given up on their new year’s resolutions, whereas some people are still thinking about their goals and waiting till about February to figure out goals for the new year.  

So, if you are still in limbo about which diet to start or which new eating style you want to take on this year, let’s go a little deeper and ask yourself these questions I will discuss in this episode. 

I say this with deepest compassion for you to be successful.  I am passionate to find what works for you and how you can maintain healthy habits for life! 

Fad diets, the latest diet you see on Facebook or hear your friend talking, may be the most harmful to your health, because it can set you 1,000 steps back from your goal.  Let me explain . . .

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