5 Things to Do to Lose Weight

Wait, let's reframe that . . .

Does this topic catch your attention?  Do you want to know the secrets to lose weight?  Have you tried about every diet under the universe and still chasing after your health goals from 1980, or something like that?

The weight loss industry is one of the biggest money making industries and keeps gaining more and more popularity throughout the years. 

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. A topic that has changed paths for me as I grow in my profession.  A topic that I get asked about many, many times.  A topic I want to find peace with and share my message with other women/moms like me. 

As a female,  we unfortunately define ourselves by a number on the scale.  We strive to look like another female that we think looks ideal or perfect in our mind. We tend to get caught in a crazy cycle of fighting with ourselves with weight.

Let’s talk . . .