61. Why Your Dietitian May Be Your Next "Therapist"

First off, disclaimer, I am not saying a dietitian can take the place of your therapist.  Therapists are necessary for eating disorders and different degrees of disordered eating patterns to help you in your relationship with food.  

In fact, I was lucky enough to have a licensed therapist on the show in the episode #15 Food Therapy & Body Acceptance, be sure to check out licensed therapist, Cheri @foodfreedometherapist. 

The connection I want to make is, how many times do you see your therapist? Weekly, bi-monthly? It is usually on a consistent basis. 

If you are needing to make a change in your eating habits, maybe adapting intuitive eating practices, or building a base of balanced nutrition, a couple of sessions with a registered dietitian may not cut it.  

You may need to a consistent practice of meeting with a dietitian because this learning process takes time and practice.  And if meeting with a dietitian is not necessary for you at this time, then what can you do to help you through this journey?  

Let me explain . . .