62. From Picky Eating to Raising Intuitive Eaters with guest, nutritionist & chef, Hayley Walker, MS

Today we are talking about eating habits for kids!  We have covered the topic of intuitive eating for adults, but how do you teach your child intuitive eating, especially when they are picky eaters?

Picky eating can be extremely difficult and cause stress for parents and the entire family.  How do you stop tantrums at the dinner table when new foods are served?  How do you comfort your child when this happens? 

We talk with nutritionist, Hayley known on Instagram.  Hayley has wonderful tips and advice to take your picky eater to an intuitive eater and have peaceful meals.  

We talk about the steps to introduce new foods, how to calm the worry of making sure your child is getting all the nutrition they need, and how to navigate the holidays, especially when family members may be commenting on what your child is or is not eating.  Join us for this conversation. 

Connect with Hayley on Instagram @nutritionist.hayley