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Lunch Idea

A Healthy Salad That Tastes Like Take-Out

Are you a fan of salads when you eat at a restaurant?  Do you ever say to yourself, “Why can’t my salads at home taste this good!” Or does this thought ever come into your mind, “Now this is how to make vegetable taste amazing!” 

These are all the ideas going through my mind whenever I am falling in love with a salad or whenever I am at Panera. 

This combo involves no cooking!  Just open, put together and enjoy!     

The Thai salad kit is from Aldi and the cooked grilled chicken is from Target, but you my use any salad kit.   Let’s talk about the cooked chicken.  How do you feel about cooked meats?  Love ’em or hate ’em?  Yea, sometimes cooked meats are a little iffy.  I don’t know, maybe I am just weird, but many just do not taste good.  

I was a little nervous to try another cooked chicken, but honestly, this one holds it ground – it is good!   I think I like the fajita seasoned the best (not shown). 

Buying ready-made items help make a filling lunch.  There are two main help build the base of a filling, nourishing, and satisfying lunch.  1) Protein  2) Fiber (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables)

Add a fruit, or yogurt with this salad or use my suggestion and do not forget the chocolate and almonds. 

Providing a balance of nutrients and finding those filling textures help make lunch more interesting and . . . delightful, eh? 

Salad kits are becoming a staple in my meal planning and always keep me loving all those toppings!  I mean, that makes the salad!

When you crave/love eating your vegetables, I think that is a pretty rock star of a menu idea.

What are your favorite salad kits?