• Try New Foods! & Coloring Sheet

    Just for Kids! Do you like to try new foods?  Can trying new foods sometimes be a little scary?  And that is okay, new foods with different textures or appearances can make us a little uneasy.  Have you ever tried a new food and you were surprised you enjoyed it?  Sometimes, we surprise ourselves and […]

  • MyPlate Coloring Page

    Just for Kids! What’s on Your Plate? MyPlate Coloring Sheet Color and learn the food groups with this sheet.  Click on the image to download your own coloring page.   Getting a variety of foods from each food group, provides essential nutrients that keep the body healthy.  What is your favorite food and which group does […]

  • Fruit & Veggie Coloring Pages

    Just for Kids! Coloring Fun with Fruits & Veggies! Learn about the benefits of each color.  Try a new fruit or veggie! Click on each picture to download the free coloring sheet? More sheets, more fun coloring!  Here are two sheets to color and learn about the benefits of each color.  Fruits and vegetables are […]