• 153. Balancing Act with guest, Taylor Grasso, MPPD, RD

    In this enlightening podcast episode, I’m joined by the incredible registered dietitian, Taylor Grasso, whose expertise lies in intuitive eating, women’s nutrition, and mastering blood sugar balance.  Taylor shares her personal journey of overcoming orthorexia and transformed her relationship with food. This episode delves into the definition of orthorexia and provides actionable steps for listeners […]

  • 151. Mom & Baby Nutrition with guest, Alex Gardner, MPH, RDN, LDN

    Happy New Year and thank you for joining us this week. We have a fantastic guest joining us on the show. Meet Alex Gardner, a fertility and prenatal registered dietitian nutritionist certified lactation consultant specializing in pre and post nutrition. She has a passion for supporting preconceptions, pregnant, and postpartum moms, Alex is here to […]

  • 152. Rewriting Your Story Beyond Diet Culture with guest, Olivia Clements, RDN

    Today, we’re joined by a remarkable guest, registered dietitian Olivia Clements, RDN.   She’s on a mission to guide her clients toward food freedom through simple and sustainable nutrition. Olivia empowers individuals to cultivate a peaceful relationship with food, allowing them to savor life without unnecessary stress. Get ready for an inspiring conversation on how […]