• 148. A Year in Review with Expert Insights, part 1

    In our special podcast episode, we take a look back through the past year, reminiscing about insightful conversations with incredible guests who align with our mission. From registered dietitians to certified personal trainers, our diverse lineup has passionately debunked dieting myths, provided evidence-based insights, and championed the cause of body neutrality. Topics in this episode […]

  • 140. Removing the Guilt Around Food & Body Image with guest, Jenn Messina, RD

    Our guest today is helping women unlearn diet culture and heal their relationship with food and body, plus break the cycle of diets that has been passed on for generations.  She is a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor, Jenn Messina, RD. You can find her on Instagram ⁠@jennthedietitian ⁠with popular reels and posts […]

  • 124. Gentle Gut Nutrition [feat. @gentlegutnutrition]

    We just can’t stop talking about gut health because there is so much out there, ahh!   Products marketed to be the solution to your gut trouble or programs that follow strict guidelines but are those getting to the root of the cause?  And will those high-priced supplements cause more harm than good. Meet our guest […]