• 5 Full-Body Moves for a Stonger Core, Arms & Legs

    Try this quick full-body workout to strengthen your body in 15 minutes or less. Remember, it’s not about the duration, but consistency. If you’re new to exercise or find it challenging to start, begin with just 10 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week. Every bit counts on your fitness journey! Try these five moves […]

  • Jumpstart Your Fitness: A Jump-Centric Workout

    I used to hate HIIT workouts that involved burpees, tuck jumps and non-stop exercises that shot my heart rate through the roof. Count me in for a wedding dance or grooving to my favorite 80’s tunes—I’m guaranteed to have a blast and dance the night away! I don’t even notice I’m breaking a sweat—jumping around […]

  • The BEST 10-Min Morning Workout

    Start your day with five simple moves that will focus on full-body strength, improve blood flow and oxygen to your brain, and enhance alertness and mental clarity early in the morning. This mini workout will help jump-starts your day with a burst of energy, setting a positive tone and leaving you feeling invigorated and ready […]