• Strengthen & Lengthen

    Back To Homepage Mini Workout to Strengthen & Lengthen This mini workout focuses on all the trouble areas – the backside.  The back, neck, lower back, hamstrings, triceps, calves and more areas.  Ah, yes! This pattern of exercises can be done as a mini workout, warm-up, cool down, work break reset, or wake up and […]

  • Mini Strength Workout with Paper Plates

    Back To Homepage Mini Strength Workout with Paper Plates I am here to bust all the myths about working out!  Workouts don’t have to cost money. You do not have to spend a long time working out to gain a little strength, and you can have lots of fun working out with these paper plates. […]

  • Arms, Abs & A Little Legs

    Back To Homepage Workout A workout from home! If you have a couple of weights around this would be great, if not a band or canned goods, eh? This is about a 30 minute without (plus a short bathroom break). #1 1) Biceps curls 2) Shoulder press 3) Abs: Side reaches (lay on your back, knees up, feet […]