Celebrating Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

Yep, that is right, there is a day just for registered dietitians.  I hope you can celebrate your favorite dietitian with drinks and dessert!  My passion for this podcast is to not only share simple, healthy wellness tips but to introduce you to awesome dietitians.  
Everyone needs their own personal dietitian that fits for them. There are many RDs out there that specialize in specific areas that tailor to their client. Maybe you are struggling with your hormones or making peace with food or navigating the world after a life-changing disease or sports nutrition or want to feed your family healthy, nutrient-dense foods – whatever your needs or goal may be, there is a dietitian out there JUST for you!
So, today I am going to feature my six lovely RD friends that have been on this podcast. I will give you a snippet of each of their conversation and if any of this interests you feel free to go back to the episode and listen.
2) Tuesday Hoelscher, MBA, RDN, LD   Cancer & Nutrition: Myths, facts and the bigger picture (1.27.21)  IG @the.cancernutritionist  @the.cancernutritionist | Linktree
3) Allie Landry, MPPD, RD, LDN   Finding Food Freedom (2.3.21)  IG @make_life_peachy  Free Guide – Make Life Peachy
4) Kelitha Anderson MS, RDN, CPC   Making it Work for You! Motivation, Mindset & Goals  IG @renewedlifenutrition  Your Renewed Life – Renewed Life Nutrition
5) Karina Tolentino, RD   Fasting, Carbs & Detoxing, Oh My!(2.24.21)  IG @allfoodsfit.nutritionist  All Foods Fit Nutrition Coaching (typeform.com)
6) Jennifer Giles, MS, RDN, CSSD  (Episode will air 3.17.21)  IG @jenngileseat4sport  Sports Nutrition for athletes, coaches, parents of athletes and athletic trainers. (jenngilesrd.com)