I wish there was a mindset switch to turn on and ditch diet culture by instantly thinking and eating intuitively. One and done, but that is not always the case.  As intuitive eating become more and more popular the principles become a little twisted depending on which influencer you may see, and that is why I wanted to talk with registered dietitian, Lisa Schrader, MS, RDN, LDN @thoughtfullyfueled on Instagram. 

Lisa has been helping her clients navigate those little bumps in the road that tend to get some people stuck in their journey of intuitive eating. As the studies show, intuitive eating is an extremely effective way to make peace with food and the body, and sometimes the path can be all over the place. 

Lisa explains a few of the principles of intuitive eating and answers many questions:
  • Will I gain weight eating what I want? 
  • How to go from intermittent fasting to intuitive eating
  • How to deal with change 
  • How to deal with bad body image days 
  • And more! 
She helps explain how to pivot in your intuitive eating journey. Join us for this conversation.
Connect with Lisa on Instagram @thoughtfullyfueled
Her website: Thoughtfully Fueled