57. How Do You Talk to Yourself in Your Relationship with Food

How Do You Talk to Yourself in Your Relationship with Food?

Today’s guest is committed to helping her clients find food freedom. She is passionate about ditching diet culture rules, and promoting positive self-talk through her programs, social media, and even has her own mantra cards, very cool

Today we talk with registered dietitian Kristen Lorenz, RD @thelastdietitian on Instagram. Kristen provides great talking point to get off the path of diet culture and shares her own personal story as a teen struggling with food, body image, self-worth, and having your own weight posted for everyone to see. 

In our conversation, Kristen puts you at ease in making you feel like a friend catching up who cares in how to talk to ourselves when it comes to food, and how we treat ourselves when it comes to our own healthy journey – join us for this conversation. 

Connect with Kristen on her site: Kristen Lorenz Nutrition, LLC. 

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Check out her course: Intuitive Eating Fundamentals 

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