Are you caught up in the cycle of cutting carbs or counting calories?  Can cutting carbs and calories hurt the metabolism or does it help?
Do you find yourself stuck in old habits dieting that used to work and help you lose weight?  Are you confused on what to eat to move the scale?   
Well, registered dietitian, Carrie Moody, RDN is here to help tackle the metabolism.  She helps define metabolism and gives us a better picture on how food plays an important part in fueling our bodies and help pivot in the different seasons of life.  The body’s metabolism is not black and white, it can change as we age, and that is why it is difficult to figure out  – Carrie is to help!     

Carrie is a metabolism coach for the Metabolism Makeover program. She helps her clients learn how to drop fat by increasing the metabolism, not by counting calories.  Ditch the diet culture and build healthy habits for life!
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