Our guests are a pair of dietitians that came together to start their own nutrition and fitness business. Dynamic duo, registered dietitians and certified personal trainers Rachel Mikla & Kim Duffy help people make positive changes in their health.

Meet our guests

Rachel and Kim share their story about working together at a hospital, and dreaming about starting a business together. 

From there Strength and Nutrition was born!

These two ladies have taken a leap of faith in a career change to fulfill their passion is helping more people learn how to build healthy habits through food and nutrition.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The beginning steps to make your health goals happen.
  • How to gain more energy through food and movement
  • What you need to focus on for improving your fitness and nutrition

This conversation will have you inspired to start moving forward in your health goals today!

Connect with Kim & Rachel

Website: strengthinnutrition.com

Work with Strength in Nutrition 



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