Welcome our guest, Christina Chu, a board-certified Sports Dietitian with a specialization in weight-class athletes. Her mission is to assist athletes in reaching peak performance through nutrition.

Expert in sports nutrition

What stands out to me about Christina on social media is her refreshing, no-nonsense approach to providing the latest insights on optimal protein powders, supplements, electrolyte drinks, and other essential nutrition tips.

Straightforward, science-backed advice

She cuts through the noise and delivers straightforward, science-backed advice that helps individuals discern what they truly need and what they can do without. She is the go-to expert in navigating the complex world of sports nutrition. Join us for this conversation. 

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to choose the best supplement
  • How to pick the best protein powder
  • What to look for in electrolyte drinks
  • And more!

I loved hearing about Christina’s expertise in figuring out the best products to support your nutrition.  

Whether you’re an athlete looking for personalized guidance, a sports team in need of consulting, or an organization seeking a knowledgeable speaker, be sure to connect with Christina with all links below.

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