Gut health has received some attention with terms like leaky gut, bloating, thyroid health, auto immune diseases, and even linking gut health to the brain.
I am fascinated by the gut and I think there is more science to consider in the years to come. Which is why I asked a registered dietitian, Gina Jones to help explain more about the gut, thyroid and the connection to proper nutrition.  Gina is a specialist in this area and helps her clients navigate nutrition with their own health issues. Gina shares her own personal health journey all while finding her passion through dietetics. 
Gina clarifies the connection between the gut and nutrition and brings attention to developing a personalized nutrition to help find what works for the individual. Just one reason why dietitians can be so helpful to many people that struggle with not feeling well.  Join us for this conversation.
Highlighted topics: Hashimoto’s disease, thyroid, gut testing, weight loss, fatigue and more!