Healthy Grocery Shopping: Debunking the Myths

Grocery shopping, do you love it or do you hate it? And whether it is online or in-person, there are some ideas of the do’s and don’t of healthy grocery shopping.  
Some examples of the epitome of healthy grocery shopping may include, “only buying organics” or “only shopping the perimeter.” How true are these ideas? I mean, the bakery is on the perimeter? So my question is, “How do I buy the most nutritious foods, on a budget and cut my time in the kitchen? Is this even possible?
Healthy grocery shopping, meal planning and understanding what foods to buy can seem extremely overwhelming, help!
So, I asked my hometown friend, and registered dietitian, Anne Cundiff, to help share her latest tips to make grocery shopping an easier, healthier and a less stress experience. Anne has worked in the grocery retail industry for over 13 years and previously worked in the clinical setting. She has 20 years of dietetic experience and provides sound advice to debunk the myths of healthy grocery shopping. 
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