Making Your Own At-Home Food Science Lab with your Kids!

Meet my dear friend, Mary!

 Mary is a mom, two-time blogger, expert baker and food scientist.  She shares her joy for teaching simple and fascinating food science at http://www.foodsciencesecrets.com.

She provides many helpful tips about getting your kids in the kitchen and having fun through a little experimenting by making your own at-home science lab.  

Nothing better than providing positive experiences in the kitchen, whether its learning a new recipe,  understanding why apples brown or just playing with food.   

STEM is very popular and I forget that it can easily be implemented right in our kitchen.  So, if you are a mom and want to challenge your kiddos growing minds with a little STEM activity, Mary is here to help us out on some simple activities linked below.  She gives us everything we need to get started from Lab Notebook, to the Scientific Method, to adding pH paper on our Amazon cart and more! 

Food Scientist & Mom, Mary