Color Your Plate

Mango mimosas!   Make with champagne or sparkling water – whatever you feel like (or depends on the time of day). 

These mimosas are made with a mango puree.  I used frozen mango chunks to set the stage for a cool, refreshing drink.  Plus, the benefits of using pureed mango, we gain all the health benefits, woohoo!  

As opposed to juice, we lose the fiber and other nutrients this superstar food contains.  


Mango-inspo! This beautiful fruit is very versatile and rich in antioxidants with studies that show significant health benefits to decreasing cancer growth to improving constipation symptoms and my favorite health benefit, aiding in skin elasticity (⬇️ wrinkles 🙌🏽).

Frozen mango is a staple here for smoothies and delicious addition to fresh homemade salsas.

Paired this mimosa for a beautiful brunch: Ham + Swiss High-Protein Egg Muffins at Batch Balanced, mini banana muffins, and fresh fruit salad. 

Whenever I have a yummy drink at hand, my kiddos will ask me, “Can I have some of that?”  I hate to turn them down, so I have used the puree and used a mango sparkling water.