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Simple easy meal ideas

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated, check out healthy meal and snack ideas for easy 1-2-3-ingredient recipes!

Healthy Shortcuts

I love showing tips and tricks to make eating colorful food super easy and delicious! 

Check out recipes made with minimal ingredients and packed with antioxidants. Each idea is a balanced combo of macro nutrients. 

Keep food simple, so you can think about other things!

Homemade Cherry Sorbet

This recipe is made with only two simple ingredients that is a hit with the kids (and adults, too!).  Perfect for dessert or snack with a boost of good-for-you nutrients. 

Fruit Salsa

Not only is this recipe delicious, but it is also a great way to use up some fruits that are about to go bad.  Pair with your own cinnamon and sugar chips or make your own with corn tortillas. 


How To

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With a few simple ingredients, dinner is done! Simple, healthy and delicious.

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What a winning combo in the air fryer! Roasted radishes and carrots take on a new flavor for your tastebuds you have to try! 

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