Mini Strength Workout with Paper Plates

I am here to bust all the myths about working out!  Workouts don’t have to cost money. You do not have to spend a long time working out to gain a little strength, and you can have lots of fun working out with these paper plates.

I have designed this workout to strengthen all parts of the body from backside, legs, booty, arms and core.  There are four major moves, but some moves need to be complete on both the right and left sides. 

I was able to feature this mini strength workout on Hello Iowa! this week and hope this inspires you to try a few or all of these exercises out at home. 

Plates work great on a carpeted surface, but if have a hard surface and the plates do not slide very well, there are other options including exercise sliding discs that work well on both surfaces. 

*Note: Make sure you do not side lunge like the graphic 😉 I was not able to find a good side lunge picture. For reference, use the video for demonstration. 

Each exercise has variations depending upon your level. Feel free to adjust to your needs.  Below are versions of ways to modify the exercises. 

  • Curtsy lunge –> Reverse lunge, send your leg straight back. A curtsy lunge add little more stress to the knee and needs more balance.
  •  Side lunge –> Modify by going down as far as you can. Advanced can touch the ground.
  • Bridge leg extensions –> Do single leg extensions, advanced version can do both legs at the same time or alternate between both exercises. The bridge or lifting the booty can be taken out of the move.
  • Arm extensions –> Modify by going down as far as you can. Advanced can extend a full arm’s length extension. 
There are many apps out there to be the timer for your workout and I have one app that is extremely helpful that is versatile to your fitness level.  Interval Timer app is the app I use for my workouts. You can set the amount of time for each exercise, rest and round – plus you can add number of rounds you want to perform. Below are pictures of the app to get an idea of it is used. There is a free version, but I have opted to buy the app for minimal amount (I think less than $5).