Just for Kids!

What's on Your Plate?

MyPlate Coloring Sheet

Color and learn the food groups with this sheet.  Click on the image to download your own coloring page.  

Getting a variety of foods from each food group, provides essential nutrients that keep the body healthy. 

What is your favorite food and which group does it fall into?

FRUITS –  Colorful fruits provide many nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, potassium and many others.

VEGETABLES – Colorful veggies are rich in antioxidants, which help prevents cell damage, meaning they help keep our bodies healthy.

PROTEIN – Sources of proteins help build healthy skin, nails, hair and other body cells.  Proteins help muscles to work properly and many other important functions for the body. 

GRAINS – Help give us energy! Grains give us energy to move, jump and to even think!  They provide sources of fiber that also help keep out tummies feeling well.  Fiber helps food move through the body properly.  Make sure you are eating whole grains (tip: Look for the word WHOLE in the ingredient listing).

DAIRY – Yogurt, milk and cheese are the best sources of dairy and provide the richest sources of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc, magnesium and many others.