Refresh & Repeat

Refresh or tidy-up or spring clean are some of my favorite ways bring life back to order in certain areas of in my life, whether it is reorganizing a drawer or decluttering parts of the home, a little refresh can do wonders for keeping any mess at bay. 
But this is not a podcast about cleaning, it is a podcast about wellness and I want to talk about refreshing your habits.  You may hear people say, “I have fallen off track with my exercise habits” or “I have spiraled out of control with my eating habits.”   And yes, sometimes our healthy habits are no where to be found but let’s take a look at some of your habits that need a little refresh so you can repeat and keep moving forward in your health goals. 
This episode is a solo talk with me and I hope to get you thinking about your habits.  I give a couple examples of my current favorite things such as Apple Music – Apple and Apple Fitness+ that have made my habit of movement more enjoyable, consistent and satisfying. 

Here is my favorite vegetable tray I mentioned on the podcast

My vegetable tray container has helped make serving veggies at meal times so easy! Plus, it is great to pull out when I am packing lunches. It offers variety for each family member and keep each vegetable as fresh as possible.  In the summer time, I have a fruit tray to organize all the delicious fresh fruit.  Here is the link from Amazon –  Komax Biokips Large Food Container

Download your own habit tracker for the month!