It’s a familiar scenario for many: fatigue sets in, motivation dips, and the day seems to drag endlessly. When you’re feeling tired and off, pushing through can feel daunting.

However, with the right approach, it’s possible to regain your energy and motivation. Here, we explore three key pillars—adequate nutrition, consistent movement, and improved sleep habits—that can help you maintain your drive even on off days.

Where do I go from here? 

Say you are feeling off in your eating habits, maybe you don’t always find a time to get in some movement each day or your sleeping habits are totally off and that is wrecking everything from metabolic health to functioning each day. 

When it comes to taking care of yourself, the key is to simplify as much as possible. 

Things to ask yourself:

  • What things make me feel great?
  • How can I structure the beginning of my day to help me feel most successful 
  • How can I structure my evening routine to help feel great and wind down
  • What things do I need to do each week to set me up for feel-good flow
  • What are daily must-haves
  • What foods/activities/habits boost my energy

Break it down to three key pillars: food, movement, and sleep.


Let’s talk about food, eating habits and meal planning.

1. Give Yourself a Break

Head to the pre-made meals at your favorite grocery store and pick up any number of meals to save you time and stress less about your meals for the week.  I have a great post about 7 Shortcut Meals at Costco, 10 Must-Have Items for Easy Meals with pictures of products to pick up from the grocery store. 

More easy meal ideas

2. Get in a Robust Breakfast! 

Maybe eat a little more than usual.  I notice I may skimp on breakfast maybe because I don’t have time or take the time to get in a high-protein high-fiber breakfast to start my day.

3. Hunger-Satiety Snacks

Keep the hunger monster at bay!  Don’t let yourself get too hungry because it can lead to overeating, and we all know when we overeat it makes us not feel well and can dig into those guilt feelings of feeling like a failure.

Here is a handout with simple satisfying snacks to crush your cravings and keep you feeling satisfied!

4.Hydrate or Dydrate

Thanks to my daughter for this saying. She was telling me about her day and how she told her friend that she had a headache and grabbed her water bottle and mentioned how she didn’t drink much water and her friend said, “Hydrate or Dydrate” Silly but kind of funny and maybe you will remember to grab your water bottle. These kids know how to hydrate with these trendy Stanley’s or knockoffs. I have to laugh, almost every day after I drop off my daughter in elementary school I see this little girl probably in 1st grade, with her Stanley in her hand and her backpack on. I laugh because the Stanely is as big she is!

I guess grab your Stanley and drink up, but my favorite tip is making drinking water fun and enjoyable.  I will link a reel here about non-calorie flavors to add to your water to make them more enjoyable, plus these products do not have any sugar substitutes. 


Two questions to ask yourself when focusing on moving your body. s

  1. Can I get in two to three mini strength training sessions?
  2. Can I move a little EVERY day?

Here are 10 mini workouts for you incorporate into the week:

  1. The BEST 10-Min Morning Workout
  2. 10-Min Band Strength Workout
  3. 5 Moves for a Stronger Core
  4. 5 Full-Body Moves
  5. A Jump-Centric Workout
  6. Mini Ball Workout
  7. 15-min No Equipment Workout
  8. Core-Focused Chair Workout
  9. 10-Min Full-Body Workout
  10. Mini Band Workout

When you are moving each day, find the types of movements that you love and that you can fit in every day. Walking is great, don’t overthink this part of the movement. Maybe make it more enjoyable by walking with friends or family members, have a daily met-up, or just schedule a time for you to clear your mind.

Physical activity is a powerful motivator. It not only boosts your energy levels but also enhances your overall health. When you’re feeling lethargic, moving your body can invigorate your mind and can often be the quick reset you need.

Start Small

If you’re feeling overwhelmingly tired, start with gentle activities like walking or light stretching. Even a few minutes can help clear your mind and increase your energy.

  • Aim for at least 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week. 
  • Regular exercise improves your physical and mental health, leading to better sleep and more motivation.

Make It Fun:

Choose activities you enjoy. Dancing, hiking, or playing a sport can make exercise feel less like a chore and more like a rewarding, enjoyable experience.


If there was a magic pill for sleep, I would be a millionaire, ha! I am no expert in this area but here may be some simple tips to consider:

  • Take time to wind down each night with a book and no screens
  • Go for a walk an hour before bed
  • Get in movement during the day (get sweaty) to tire your body
  • Listen to an audio book or calming music before bed
  • Try melatonin supplement
  • Try tart cherry juice that is a high in melatonin to promote sleep
  • Meditate before bed
  • Have a cool, dark room for adequate sleep
  • Write out an evening routine to help you stay on track each night

Sleep is the cornerstone of good health and vital for maintaining motivation. When you’re well-rested, your mind is sharper, your mood improves, and your energy levels are sustained throughout the day.


By focusing on these three pillars—adequate sleep, consistent movement, and robust sleep habits—you can improve your physical and mental well-being and re-energize your motivation levels.

In these three pillars, try one tip from each category and try that for the week. Adjust and reflect after the week and keep on building these helpful tips to keep things easy, help you feel better and improve your quality of life.

Remember, the key to sustaining motivation when you’re tired is to listen to your body and give it what it needs, whether that’s more sleep, some exercise, or better sleep practices. With these strategies, you can find that spark of motivation even on the toughest days.