• 5 Tips to Get Stronger This Summer

    Summer is not only a season for fun and relaxation but also a perfect time to boost your fitness. If you’re wanting to add some strength training into your summer plans effortlessly, you’re in the right spot! This post offers five simple tips to make summer workouts both enjoyable and effective. Plus, we’ll share done-for-you […]

  • 5 Moves for a Stronger Core

    Strengthen your mid-section! I love working my mid-section by focusing on the front and back.  Many times we think we need to just work out abs and define them into a six-pack, but that is all wrong!  So much of our strength comes from the back and booty, and by spending a little time strengthening […]

  • Chair Workout with 5 Core Moves

    With using a chair from your dining room table, strengthen your core with these easy moves.