A workout from home! If you have a couple of weights around this would be great, if not a band or canned goods, eh?

This is about a 30 minute without (plus a short bathroom break).

1) Biceps curls
2) Shoulder press
3) Abs: Side reaches (lay on your back, knees up, feet on the floor – slightly lift back off the ground and alternate reaching your pinky toe

1) Skull crushers
2) Hammer curls
3) Abs: Plank hold (30 sec.)

1) Upright row
2) Triceps kickbacks
3) Abs: Full sit-ups

1) Squat with front raise
2) Sumo squat hold with biceps curl
3) Abs: Leg lifts (lay on your back, lift legs 90 degrees, up to the sky, hands may be placed under your butt for best support)