Nutrition & Fitness

Hi I'm Stacy,
Registered, Licensed Dietitian &
Certified Personal Trainer

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17+ years of experience as a registered dietitian . . .

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDNs) are food and nutrition experts who have met the following criteria to earn the RDN credential.  This includes a minimum of a (1) bachelor’s  degree at a U.S. accredited university or college, (2) completed a supervised practice program (internship), and (3) continually completing continuing education to maintain registration and licensure. 

“I am so happy to have you here!  My goal is to clear the clutter in the diet world and focus on nourishing foods, understand the science behind nutrition, and make peace with food.”

My musts for making healthy habits stick for life:

  • nutrient dense foods (that taste good)
  • satisfy cravings (enjoy all foods)
  • minimal cooking/prep (the fewer the better)
  • easy recipes (recall from memory!)
  • moving a little everyday (clearing the mind) 


Minimal ingredients, nutrient-dense foods and crushing every craving to feel your best.


Fun, short and effective workouts to fit your lifestyle.


Feel inspired, informed, motivated, and be entertained to find your "ah-ha" moments to healthy living.

The Daily Dietitian Podcast

My goal for this podcast is to break down the latest health topics and help clear the clutter in the messy world of nutrition and fitness. We hope to inspire, educate, and entertain all things wellness. 

We cut the bologna of the food shaming and keep the focus on making healthy habits that work for you! 

Join us as we talk with experts in their fields on how to feel our best in our own body and mind. 

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