The day Aldi came to my town was a very exciting day.   I used to drive about twenty-five minutes to shop at the nearest Aldi stores, so having a store near my house and minutes away from my kids’ school was a dream to shop all my favorites every week. 

I shop at quite a few grocery stores but I will say, there are some must-have products that I need to buy at Aldi. 

    First off,  Aldi has prices you can’t beat.  The produce section you really can’t go wrong with any product. There are so many good finds in every section of the store.  So let’s begin . . . . 

Cosmic Crisp Apples

Wow, wow, wow!  Flavor explosion for a crispy, juicy apple.  My kids and I were very impressed. 

Thai ‘N Cashew Chopped Salad Kit

I love this unique flavor combination.  My favorite salad at Panera is the Thai Salad but they just took it off the menu (ugly cry)!  The toppings are great but I skip the dried coconut (because that is not how Panera makes it). 

Chaquita Bites Snacks

If I am in a pinch and need an on-the-go snack, this is it!  The apples are crisp and delicious for a pre-packed item. There are two varieties. 

Green Pea Crisps

You have probably seen these before but this brand has a bit more fiber per serving and provides 4 grams of protein. Plus, the Caesar flavor is my favorite. Great for a crunchy snack or if you are craving chips.

Fruit Strips

These are a must for traveling with my kids or anytime.  

Freeze Dried Strawberries

I wish I could buy these in a 5-pound bag.  My kids go crazy for these and I honestly think they might enjoy these over candy or a fruit snack.  Aldi has other flavors such as mango that was gone in seconds at our house. 

Knock Your Sprouts Off

I love sprouted bread! There is more protein and fiber per serving which makes it more filling. But why sprouted?  Sprouted grains may help make nutrients more readily available for our bodies to absorb. 

100-Calorie Cookie Packs

Need something sweet? These are the perfect size and portable to pack.  They also come in chocolate flavor.

Pretzel Crisps

Flat like a chip, perfect for dipping into hummus or any dip.  What is special about these pretzels are the seasoning – Everything! 

Coconut Cashew Crips

Made with only 6 ingredients: Coconut, coconut sugar, cashews, cocoa powder, cassava flour and sea salt.  Satisfies a any sweet tooth (and 3 grams fiber/serving).  They also come in vanilla flavor. 

Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

Using whole milk provides a rich, creamy flavory.  I like to buy plain and add fruit for sweetness or use a drizzle of agave.  Contains 6 live active cultures and 16 grams of protein/serving. 

Cracker Cuts – Gouda

Gouda cheese is the star here! These pre-cut slices are the perfect size for a snack. 

Deluxe Shells & Cheese

A kid favorite at our house, and mine, too!  One of our favorite family meals: Macaroni and Cheese + Salmon + Roasted Broccoli

Vanilla Minis: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Perfect little treat! 

Sweet & Spicy Tuna

An easy source of protein for lunch or snack.  This sweet and spicy flavor is my favorite and perfectly paired with whole grain crackers or veggies. 

Cauliflower Dip Roasted Chili & Pepper Jack

This dip!  A must for all my lunches and you can see all the veggies in each bite!

Belle Via Bold

Bold is the key word here, comes in many varieties.  No added sugars or non-calorie sweeteners in this beverage. 

Dark Chocolate filled with Cocoa Cream, Cocoa Nips & Hazelnut

My favorite go-to after any meal paired with a handful of almonds. And 2 grams of fiber and protein/serving!

Snack Ideas

Mini cucumbers are seedless and have a thinner skin which make them the perfect wash and eat veggie.  English cucumbers are another great option. 

Pair these cucumbers with an easy Snack Select! This variety has cheese cubes, cashews and craisins. 

This combo! Dark chocolate oat cookies are the perfect sweet treat and provide 2 grams of fiber/serving.  Skyr yogurt is a high-protein yogurt with a smooth mouth feel.  Pair with berries to pack in even more nutrients. 

Whole grain crackers are high in fiber and perfectly paired with gouda cheese and clementines.

Simple filling snacks need to have 1) Filling fiber 2) A little protein

Snacks are ideal to satisfy any craving and help keep our blood sugar at moderate levels.  This also stabilizes hunger levels.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium and many other nutrients

Meal Ideas

Farro & Quinoa Meal + Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites + Pepper Rings + Fresh Plums

Teriyaki Salmon Burger + Mediterranean Grilled Veggies + Cauliflower Dip + Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips

Egg Bites + Skyr Yogurt + Guacamole Single Cup + Cherry Tomatoes

Whole & Simple Southwestern Style Chicken Quinoa Bowl + Salted Caramel Cookie Bites + Pear

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