About Me

Hi, I am Stacy!

I am passionate about guiding clients towards a balanced and guilt-free approach to food, encouraging the establishment of sustainable self-care habits for long-term well-being.

Having experienced the pitfalls of extreme fad diets and excessive exercise in my own journey, I understand the importance of realistic approach to health.

My previous struggles, including the repercussions of going extremely low-carb and enduring excessive exercise, prompted me to prioritize a more nuanced and nurturing perspective.

I’ve learned from my mistakes, my goal is to share these lessons, helping clients find their equilibrium, foster a positive relationship with their bodies, and rediscover the joy of eating and moving.

Simple = Consistent

Let go of restrictive rules and learn how to care for you!

Simplify your path to eating and moving goals by focusing on one thing at a time; remember, slow and steady wins the race towards building sustainable habits.

Helping you find balance

Mindful Eating: Practice mindful eating by savoring each bite, paying attention to hunger and fullness cues, and appreciating the flavors and textures of their meals. This approach fosters a healthier relationship with food and helps prevent overeating.


Consistent Movement: Advocate for consistent, enjoyable movement rather than extreme exercise routines. Encourage activities that clients genuinely enjoy, making it more likely they’ll stick with them over the long term. 

Gradual Changes: Emphasize the importance of making gradual, sustainable changes instead of opting for drastic transformations.  Small adjustments are more likely to become lasting habits, promoting a balanced and sustainable approach to health.

How can we help you in your health journey

Free services to help you!

Daily Dietitian Podcast

Tune in to our weekly podcast for expert tips on eating, moving, and navigating the path to food freedom and body neutrality.

Quick Balanced Meal & Snack Ideas

Discover super simple meal and snack ideas that come together in minutes, perfect for the busy person who prefers quick fixes over extensive cooking.

Mini Workouts

Experience quick and effective workouts that save time while ensuring consistency in your self-care routine, leading to a better, more vibrant feeling in your body.

"Thank you so much for setting me in this path with solid groundwork! Thank you for the helpful and easy to follow plan."

— Katie

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The Daily Dietitian Podcast

Our podcast is dedicated to providing insightful tips to help you break free from the dieting mindset and embrace mindful eating on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. We feature expert guests, including registered dietitians, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, cookbook authors, licensed therapists, fitness instructors, social media influencers, and more, all sharing valuable insights to make your path to healthy living easier and more enjoyable.

Meal plannng magic!

Giving you ideas for SUPER simple meals & snacks

Our 7-day meal plan offers incredibly simple yet delicious and balanced meal and snack ideas to make healthy eating a breeze.

Product Ideas

I love to share products that are helpful healthy shortcuts!

Explore our product guide for healthy shortcuts, featuring time-saving and nutritious options to streamline your wellness journey.