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Unlearning diet rules can be a struggle, join our community where we talk with experts to help build a foundation of lifelong healthy habits for your mind and body.

We share tips and shortcuts for easy meal ideas, self-care practices, and ways to keep your daily routine simple! Join us for this conversation!

With Stacy Mitchell, RDN, LD, CPT

A podcast where we ditch diet rules and talk about health topics that matter

Stop wasting your time on restrictive diets and start focusing on self-care habits that work you! 

Our guest experts are leading the way in intuitive eating, joyful movement, body kindness, simple cooking methods, and feeling your best in your own body and mind. 

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What People Say

Contagious Energy & Expertise

Stacy is a dietitian who has the best energy, knowledge and realistic approach to helping all people love what they eat. This shines in her podcast with the solo episodes she does and the guests she brings on. If you eat food, this is a podcast for you!


I love Stacy’s insight and knowledge. It’s like a breath of fresh air to hear someone with an educated perspective speaking about food and exercise.

V. P.

The Daily Dietitian podcast is so easy to listen to! She is so informative, I love her advice, and she keeps it real! I can’t wait for the next episode!!

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Statistic about the podcast:

  • 60% of listeners are 28 to 44 years old
  •  Over 30K downloads