Whew, this workout is a doozy, but I love mini workouts that are effective! This mini workout focuses on your shoulders (deltoid muscles).

With only five moves, you can effectively shape and strengthen your shoulders. These exercises enhance shoulder stability, improve posture, and increase upper body strength.

Strengthening your deltoids not only sculpts your shoulders for a more defined look but also supports daily activities and reduces the risk of injuries.

Graphic shape your shoulders promoting this post for 10 minutes or less workout.

5 Easy Moves

Consistent shoulder workouts contribute to overall upper body fitness and functional strength, making everyday tasks easier and enhancing athletic performance.

I can tell when I gain a little extra strength in my deltoids because I am able to carry in more groceries! The push-pull movement of lifting comes back to adding shoulder strength.

This workout can be easily done about 10-minutes. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and move onto the next exercise. After you complete the five exercises rest for about 1 minute. Repeat another round (5 exercises) one or two more times.

Shoulder Press to Fly

The shoulder fly to press is a compound exercise that targets the shoulders and upper body. Start by holding a dumbbell in each hand with your arms extended out to the sides at shoulder height (a lateral fly position).

Then, bring the dumbbells together in front of you before lifting them overhead in a shoulder press motion. Lower the dumbbells back to the starting position and repeat. This move enhances shoulder strength and stability.

Front to Reverse Raise

The front raise to reverse raise is an effective exercise for the shoulders and upper back. Start by holding dumbbells at your sides, lift them straight in front of you to shoulder height, then lower them back down.

Next, bend at the waist and raise the dumbbells behind you. Repeat for a full shoulder and upper back workout.

Full Moon

The Full Moon exercise targets the shoulders, core, and upper body. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell at waist height. Raise the weight to shoulder height with straight arms.

Move the weight in a circle to the right, lifting overhead. Continue the circle, lowering the weight to the left, back to the start. Perform in the opposite direction for about 30 seconds.

*TIP: Keep your core tight, use controlled motions, and start with a lighter weight.

Lateral Shoulder Taps

Start with arms at a lateral raise with arms out to each side. With weights in each hand, bend at the elbow and bring the weight to touch the top of the shoulders.

Extend the arms back to lateral raise position and repeat.

Army Planks

Start in a full plank with palms on the floor and toes hip width apart. Hold the core stable (do not move it back and forth) and come down on your forearms.

Push your body back in full plank position and repeat.

Make This Your Own Workout

Feel free to modify each movement to the best of your ability. If 30 seconds is too tough, start at 15 or 20 seconds for each movement.

Doing these movements back-to-back will not only be difficult, but this will also cause hypertrophy, leading to building strength.

Have fun with this workout and improving your muscle strength!