Change it up!

I LOVE changing up my workouts, so I do not get bored, it helps me stay consistent with moving my body.

I bought this exercise ball and I think my kids have used it more than I have, but if you don’t want to buy a ball, you can totally use a mini ball that your kids are bouncing around the house. 

Not only is this workout fun, but it focuses on strengthening areas I didn’t know existed, ha! 

Why use a mini ball?

This mini ball adds a stability element to the workout that helps you engage more muscles during the move. 

Using the mini ball behind the back for a basic ab crunch, increases the concentration of the upper abs.  For this move, you can lift up and down or hold with mini pulses at the top of the exercise. 

The mini ball tests your balance with each movement and adds extra effectiveness for the workout, my favorite!

Here is a link to the ball that I am using for this workout.

How to do each move

I have been having so much fun testing out new moves with this mini ball and options are endless.

Basic Squat: Simply place the ball in between your legs and perform a squat (act like you are going to sit down on a chair).  Remember to keep your chest up and push your booty back. Perform about 10 to 15 reps. 

Sit-ups: Place the ball behind the lower part of your back. Perform a sit-up with up and down motion.  You will feel it in your upper ab area and remember to breathe.  Perform about 10 to 20 reps, depending on your fitness level. 

Hamstring Squeeze: WOW! You will feel this everywhere in your lower body.  Start on all fours with wrists in line with your shoulders. Place the ball behind your leg and squeeze to keep in place. Lift your heel to the air and repeat this move for 10 to 15 times. 

Fire Hydrant Squeeze: Similar to the hamstring squeeze, hold the ball in place with your hamstring and calf muscle and open up the hip. Repeat this move for 10 to 15 times. I like to do 10 reps of hamstring squeeze on my right side, followed by 10 reps of fire hydrant squeeze and then move onto the left side. 

Side Lifts: Place the ball near your waste and this move will test your balance.  Slightly bend your leg closest to the floor while keeping the other leg straight.  Bend your arm to your ear that is nearest to the floor while keeping the other arm straight along your leg. With small side lifts and you will feel this in your obliques.  You may feel wobbly, start out small. Aim for 8 to 10 reps on each sid

Here is a video for demostration of the moves to help you get started.  One round is all five exercises, you may do two to three rounds, whatever is best for your ability. Have fun with this workout!