We just can’t stop talking about gut health because there is so much out there, ahh! 

 Products marketed to be the solution to your gut trouble or programs that follow strict guidelines but are those getting to the root of the cause?

 And will those high-priced supplements cause more harm than good.

Meet our guest

Our guest, Jacquelyn, also known on social media as gentle gut nutrition, has her own story to share while graduating college with finance degree and then switched career paths when dealing with her own gut issues and now becoming an RD.

Jacquelyn focuses on irritable bowel syndrome and Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and helps her audience find products and lifestyle habits that help relieve these symptoms.

We talk a lot about fiber – including best go-to sources, easy snack options and so much more! 

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Breaking down nutrition myths around gut health
  2. Are supplements helpful for the gut?
  3. How to add fiber into your meals and snacks

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