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Bridging the Gap in Nutrition Education in the Grocery Store

How do you connect with your healthcare professional?  Who can help you with your dietary questions?  Do you google it?  

Probably, yes, but let’s talk about how a dietitian can really help you discover new foods, new methods, and simple healthy tips to take you from confused to confident about your diet.   From food allergies to gut health to pre/diabetes to mastering your meal plan for your family, we talk to retail dietitian that can help you in all areas in nutrition.

Dietitians are reaching more people by being in a variety of jobs that help bridge the gap in nutrition education. Dietitians have been in the grocery stores for about 20+ years and the job opportunities have ebbed and flowed in this setting through the years, but they are still providing exceptional services to their customers.

On this episode I am talking with Hy-Vee dietitian, Ashley Danielson. Hy-Vee grocery stores are located in the Midwest, but I know other retailers across the country provide similar services. (*Make note, a dietitian may be referred to as a nutritionist, but all nutritionists are not dietitians. There are differences in education and legal differences between the two titles. DM for more info.)

We talk about a variety of services a retail dietitian provides, and how they connect to more people that need help and answer questions from simple nutritious meal planning ideas to managing blood sugars for diabetes, to food allergies, and so much more.

Our guest, Ashley loves to educate customers and clients in a fun and lively setting with simple ways to incorporate delicious food into everyday life. As a food and nutrition expert, Ashley is dedicated to helping people live healthier and happier every step of the way. Join us of this conversation.