Taco Dinner with Healthy Hacks

Ingredients used


I wanted to share a simple meal idea with a couple of swaps to boost the nutrition of the meal. Here was Tuesday night’s meal (Taco Tuesday).

For the taco meat, I try to stretch it with some flavored refried beans. In this case, they are salsa style refried beans. I brown the hamburger as usual and then put half of the cooked meat in a container to use for another meal during the week. (I like to use it within two days). Note: This package is 1.3 pounds.

*Once the meat is cooked, I add a half a can of the refried beans and will add some basic taco seasoning.

If you want to use the entire can, great! I only use a half can because I know my family likes to see the beef 😂  (Meat from Costco; refried beans from Trader Joe’s)

 The carb balance tortillas Tare a bit pricey. They do contain a good amount of fiber, very filling. Fyi- The kids will eat them too, just depends on what I have in stock.

This salad kit is from Aldi. I am a fan of pretty much any kind of salad kit. My son also loves almost any salad kit. The girls are not salad fans, so I encourage them to pick out a veggie from the container. 

Frozen organic corn: This inexpensive, over two-pound bag of organic frozen corn is a staple in our freezer! Yes, it deserves the exclamation 😂. I bought this bag at Costco and I think the bag is around $6.98 (do not quote me).

I am all for you buying whatever you want, organic or not, but I think many organic fruits and vegetables actually taste better! They have more flavor, which makes it much easier to eat more fruits and veggies.

The corn is the easiest to make. Heat and season! I used to add butter, but it doesn’t really need that because the flavor is great.

Dinner in minutes! I do not prep meals because I have made some mistakes before with food not being the freshest. But when I buy easy items (with great flavor) I can save my time and make simple, fast meals while providing a boost of nutrients!

I hope you enjoy.