In the world of social media, one of the videos that I love to watch besides a ton of dog reels are easy colorful food ideas that make healthy meals look approachable when time is crunched. 

Meet our guest!

Our guest is an absolute pro at not only putting together beautiful meals, but meals that are packed with nutrients!

Registered dietitian, Andrea has developed an astounding Instagram feed called the @dietitian feed.  Fitting right?! 

Andrea has a true gift in pairing all kinds of foods that will spice up your meal plan with new and exciting dishes to try.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • easy examples of adding more colorful foods to your plate
  • where to start in planning easy meals
  • favorite go-to 10-minute meal ideas

This conversation will have you inspired to get in the kitchen and add more colors to your plate – join us for this conversation!

Connect with Andrea

Website: the


Resources:4-week Meal Planning Program

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