How to Quiet Your Inner Food Critic

with guest, Registered Dietitian, Rachel Helfferich, RD, RYT @everglownutrition

This episode will get you thinking . . . thinking about those little voices in your head that tell you “Stop you can’t eat that because you will gain weight” or “You can’t eat that it has too many carbs!” or “You can’t eat now, you need to wait.” 

I laugh because I think we have all heard these voice at some point in our life. That little voice, what we call our inner food critic, or maybe you call it your inner “food police”, those thoughts when you are telling yourself the rules and restrictions we have learned from diet culture.

This insight about the food critic comes from a wonderful non-diet dietitian, Rachel @everyglownutrition. Rachel’s personalized approach is to help her clients trust their intuition in making daily choices that support their total well-being. Rachel shares great tips on this episode as we talk about:
  • How to quiet that inner voice 
  • How to change that voice from critic to ally
  • How to tell if you are overeating
  • How to decipher inner hunger cues
Rachel also share a very important topic,  the first step that is a must in order to build that healthy relationship with food. She also shares many “aha” moments that help us progress in our own journey in mindful eating. I am so happy for you join us for this conversation. It is a good one!

Connect with Rachel at @everyglownutrition

and happier every step of the way. Join us of this conversation.