If your mornings are hectic, there’s a good chance you are running out the door with little fuel, maybe a granola bar or a cup of coffee? 

Under fueling in the morning may lead to ravenous late-night eating periods and feeling out of control around food throughout the day. 

If that sounds like you, I have you covered with some easy go-to breakfast ideas that will keep you fueled for the day, and they are packed with flavor!

Plus, aren’t they just the cutest?  

Each box is made with products you can buy from the store, no need to stress about making anything when you can fill your boxes with nutrient dense foods from the grocery store!

3 Must-haves to make a balanced box:

1. Protein source

2. Fiber source

3. Colors (fruits & veggies)

Egg muffins, pita bread, & fruit

There are a variety of egg muffins out on the market, but a good place to start is in the freezer section.  There are different varieties of the Veggies Made Great products. 

The whole wheat pita that I used is Joseph’s brand.  Keep in mind serving size per container, sometimes the pita serving is only half the pita.  This brand serving size is the entire pita, hooray! 

Yogurt & Berries

For yogurt, use your favorite yogurt brand.  I have been loving whole milk yogurt with no added sugar and lots of flavor. A Greek yogurt would a filling option as well. 

There are so many options for granola, I have been loving chocolate granola or like the one shown above, a peanut butter chocolate granola is delicious!  I also love Nature’s Path Flax granola, it is light and has quite a bit of crunch. 

Other additions for toppings include, sliced almonds and chia seeds for an extra boost of fiber and nutrients. 

Hard-boiled eggs, cereal & dried mango

If you like to crunch and munch, this bk box is the perfect way to savor your breakfast throughout the morning. 

I am loving the unsweetened dried mango.  It is chewy and sweet, packed with a bunch of flavor, plus no-added-sugar! 

To this mix, find a high-fiber cereal for some crunch.  Kashi cereals provide a great source of protein and fiber; there are so many flavors to pick from. 

Pancakes & fruit

These chocolate chip protein pancakes are light, fluffy, and perfectly paired with peanut butter.  Add your favorite fruit for a side or add on top of the peanut butter pancakes. 

Keep breakfast fun with items you can create delicious, balanced boxes that will help set you up for your day!