• Chair Workout with 5 Core Moves

    With using a chair from your dining room table, strengthen your core with these easy moves.

  • 4 Simple Moves for a Full Body Workout

    I see it all the time, people start a workout routine and a month later they fall off track.  Have you ever done this?  Me too!   The reason why is because it is not realistic!  It is too difficult, too hard, and honestly not fun.  Only 10 minutes! I am breaking all the barriers!  I […]

  • 5 Moves Mini Band Workout

    Back To Homepage 5 Moves Mini Band Workout If you are crunched on time, this is the perfect workout for you!  Get a full-body workout done in minutes with five moves, and don’t forget some moves include right and left sides.  I love a good mini band workout because I look at the moves but […]